Living Amazed Audiobook Interview – James Robison

January 11, 2018

James Robison - Living Amazed Audiobook Interview

We had the pleasure of talking with James Robison about the recording of his audiobook Living Amazed. The interview was recorded and can be played below. Enjoy!

Throughout his life blessed by God, James Robison has had countless opportunities to witness clearly the power of God and his amazing grace. He has shared inspiration and insight with church leaders, ministers, presidents, entertainers, and celebrities. Millions have been inspired through his television outreach, and countless others have found relief through his ministry’s humanitarian efforts.

In this inspiring audiobook, Robison desires to show readers that they too can witness God at work in transforming, powerful ways. His remarkable stories and biblical insights will inspire and empower readers to:

– recognize the spiritual significance of ordinary events and how God orchestrates encounters to change our lives and others’
– see God at work in and through us to make a difference in the world
– learn to live in constant holy amazement of God’s great love

God is continually working in this world, and he is using us to accomplish kingdom purposes for his glory and the benefit of all those he loves. From the improbable to the extraordinary, these “divine encounters” will inspire awe even as they leave listeners looking for God’s amazing work through their own lives and relationships.

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