A Quick Chat: Jared C. Wilson

November 2, 2015

CORY: Jared, thank you for taking the time to speak with us! You were recently in the studio recording The Story of Everything for us. Thanks for doing this with us, we think your listeners will appreciate it!

JARED: I certainly hope so! My hope is that those who listen to the book will get perhaps a better sense than readers of how joyful it is that God is doing something wonderful with the world. I tried to accurately convey that tone of joy in reading the book that I felt when writing the book.

CORY: Okay, first things first, some authors enjoy the process of reading their book and some don’t. Did enjoy it or find it challenging?

JARED: I found it challenging in that there were plenty of moments where I realized some words are better written than spoken! There were a few times where I asked myself, “Why did I choose a word that was so hard to pronounce?” The answer is that it was the best word choice according to my eyes, on paper. I wasn’t thinking about having to pronounce it!

CORY: Did you have any aha! moments reading your book? Were there things you stumbled on that surprised you reading it aloud?

JARED: I wouldn’t say I was surprised by anything, but it was sort of fun to re-approach the way these topics — and the way I chose to write about them — lend themselves to being preached. I find it difficult to read about the secret of the universe in a dry, detached way.

CORY: Did the recording take longer than you thought? What was the process like?

JARED: The recording took about as long as I expected, but only because this was my third audiobook, so I had some experience with the process already. The setup is rather simple for me, provided we have experience audio engineers and a prepared studio — which we did! All I had to do was show up with the manuscript, get into my little sound booth, and start reading. I recorded for about 2 hours each day for 5 days or so. The going can be slow and it’s a little difficult on the voice to talk that long, but the process isn’t complex.

CORY: Is it something you would do again?

JARED: I’d definitely do it again, if only because I like to convey a sense of exultation, of worship with my writing, and I can ensure that comes across in the reading if I do it myself.

CORY: What did you like most about reading your own book? What did you like least?

JARED: I liked being able to revisit the material, and I liked being able to capture the tone in voice that I hoped to convey on the page. What I liked least was finding the few typos we missed in the multiple manuscript editing stages. Thankfully, there’s no typos in an audiobook.

CORY: Did you think the book lent itself well to audio?

JARED: I think it did, because I tend to write with passion and a sense of awe. So the manuscript can even be preached as much as read.

CORY: So, do you listen to audiobooks? If so, how often and why?

JARED: I actually do not listen to many audiobooks. I prefer to read, personally.

CORY: What’s the best book you read (or listened to) this year?

JARED: The best book I’ve read this year is Thomas Kidd’s biography of George Whitefield, “America’s Spiritual Founding Father.”

CORY: What’s next? What burning project is keeping you up at night?

JARED: I just finished a manuscript for Baker Books that offers a unique angle on apologetics and the uniqueness of Christianity, and I’ve just begun a new project for the same publisher that is a sort of a creative non-fiction work on discipleship. The tentative title is “Crumbs from the Table: Discipleship for the Rest of Us.”

CORY: Again, thank you for taking the time to do this! We here at christianaudio look forward to getting the word out about The Story of Everything.

JARED: Thank you for having me!

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