How Audiobook Subscriptions Can Save You Time and Money

February 2, 2016

More and more people are discovering that the secret to reading more is actually listening. Listening to audiobooks allows you to recapture time otherwise lost to low-value activities such as, cleaning, sitting in traffic or waiting in a doctor’s office. Audiobooks also allow you to double the effectiveness of positive activities like walking, running or working out.

A recent survey showed that 41% of people have listened to an audiobook.  That’s up almost 5% from just a few years ago.  What’s more interesting is that 14% of those surveyed say they listened to 11 or more books in the last year.   A significant percentage of people, it seems, are listening to a lot of audiobooks.

A significant percentage of people, it seems, are listening to a lot of audiobooks.

This is my story. I found audiobooks almost 20 years ago when I grew tired of listening to the radio on my two-hour commute. Fast forward a couple of years and I had library cards in three counties and always had a book playing (cassettes mostly). I didn’t buy many books back then; they were too expensive.   I could find most titles I was looking for at the library for free.

Audiobooks are a lot less expensive now, but if you are an avid listener, it still adds up and many times you can’t get what you’re looking for at the library.  While your local library probably has a large selection of audiobooks, you may often find the CDs are damaged.  The library used to be my main source of accessing audiobooks, but it has become inconvenient. I hate finding out that an audiobook I’m listening to is scratched or simply won’t play. The discovery is especially annoying when I’m on the last disc. For this reason, I rarely get books from the library anymore.

Now, I find digital audiobooks to be much more convenient, and subscriptions make my listening habits affordable. I have access to hundreds of books right on my iPhone through several apps. The primary serivces I use are christianaudio, Audible, and Downpour. All of these companies offer free apps that makes listening a snap. Each of these companies offer subscription services. The prices vary, but I can get just about any book I want for $15 or less. That’s typically a significant price break over the retail price of the book. If you buy a lot of audiobooks, an audio subscription is a must-have.

There are ways to maximize your subscription to grow your library for less if you are patient, stay informed and get creative. Here are some tricks you can use to get better prices and build a much larger library of audiobooks.

There are ways to maximize your subscription to grow your library for less if you are patient, stay informed and get creative.

Look under the hood. The best (and least known) deal for audiobooks is here at christianaudio. christianaudio has a flexible subscription plan. We give you four credits for $14.95. Books, on average, cost three-to-four credits.  However, when books are on sale, which is quite often, you can get three or four books books with your credits.  If you appreciate Christian books then CA is a no-brainer.

Look for FREE. Again, christianaudio wins here. We give away a high-quality book every month. Just click a button and it shows up on your phone.  Easy, convenient,and unmatched. Audible, and Downpour offer giveaways as well, but they aren’t as frequent. You can also get free titles at librivox, but since the content is volunteer-read the quality is often lower than paid content.

Look for lists. Most of these companies have an email list and will send you special offers, sales and freebies. Audible has a daily deal that is usually $0.99-$2.99.  They select the book, but it’s usually a good selection. In June, gave away a free audiobook everyday for the whole month.  At christianaudio, we offer a bi-annual deal where 5,000 books are available for for only $7.49. We also run 50% off promotions often.  If you buy a lot of audiobooks, it’s a good idea to sign up for the email lists of leading audiobook download sites to keep up on special offers. This step alone can save you $100 or more per year.

Get creative with your time and money and give audiobook subscriptions a try.

By christianaudio

For over 10 years christianaudio has been providing top-quality Christian audiobooks and Bibles. We promote spiritual growth by inspiring Christians to think about God, themselves, and the world