Have a New Sex Life by Friday Audiobook Interview – Dr. Kevin Leman

December 29, 2017

Have a New Sex Life by Friday Audiobook Interview - Dr. Kevin Leman

We recently spoke with Dr. Kevin Leman to talk about his latest audiobook Have a New Sex Life by Friday. The interview was recorded and can be played below. Enjoy!

Given enough time, stress, and kids, even the most satisfying sex life can turn ho-hum. Before long, you find that your conversations center on taking the garbage out, you only make love with the lights off, and experimenting in the bedroom means changing the color of the duvet.
Dr. Kevin Leman throws bored and frustrated couples an intimacy lifeline. In just one week, couples will learn:

– why women need sex (and what stops them from wanting it)
– why men want sex (and why what’s important to her is important to him too)
– how to reclaim space just for the two of them
– how to communicate better for a more intimate connection
– how to spice things up in the bedroom
– and more

Dr. Leman’s candid advice comes with a guarantee that with just a little attention to these doable strategies, husbands and wives can experience the kind of exciting intimacy they long for–not only by Friday, but throughout their entire marriage. Have a New Sex Life by Friday includes a bonus section of questions and answers on how couples can improve their sexual communication.

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