A Quick Chat: Francis Chan

October 20, 2015

christianaudio President, Cory Verner recently caught Francis over email to discuss his latest book, You and Me Forever.

There are a lot of marriage books. Why this one? Why now?

This has been something I’ve wanted to write for years. In fact, I outlined it five years ago. It just so happened that my wife and I were able to make time to write it (between child five and six).

What are other marriage and family resources would you also recommend?

Honestly, I don’t think I’ve read a marriage book in 20 years!

The proceeds of this book will back a cause overseas, right? Can you tell us about that?

There are several projects we hope to support through the proceeds of this book. One that stands out comes from a trip we took on our twenty year anniversary. We witnessed some extreme poverty in Africa, as well as thousands of women caught up in sex slavery. Our hope was to provide food and medical help for the kids (which we have been able to do now). We also were hoping to provide a safe place to educate prostitutes and sex slaves. We have been able to purchase land and are getting ready to break ground on this as well. We want a large portion of the proceeds to aid those who spreading the gospel to unreached people groups.

Who would benefit from reading this book? For example, should people considering marriage read it?

We wrote this with singles in mind. We were hoping to help them avoid years of fighting and wasted life. We wrote with struggling couples in mind. Our desire was to see them work out their differences by having a common mission. We also were writing to happy Christian couples who spend their days enjoying their families and doing nothing for the Kingdom of God. We are deeply concerned that many happy couples are going to painfully regret the amount of time they wasted on themselves.


What was it like writing a book with your wife?

I was scared at first. We hear all the stories of couples who get in fights whenever they work on big projects together. It was quite the opposite for us. I enjoyed the process a ton. We had a great time and I felt like it bonded us together even more. Something about writing down our feelings seemed to solidify our love for each other.

In the book you say, most marriage problems are not really marriage problems, they are god problems. Can you expand on that?

Marriage is a really small thing compared to knowing God. When you are intimate with God, few things, if any, are able to phase you. There’s a joy that comes from knowing God deeply. It’s a joy that spills over onto others. Truly godly people will have great marriages. When two people are following the same Spirit, there is a unity that will shock the world. It’s only when we become selfish and act in the flesh that the unity goes away. Never in history have two Spirit-filled believers divorced.

Wow, thank you Francis.

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