Everything Is Possible Audiobook Interview – Jen Bricker

September 6, 2016

We caught up with Jen Bricker to talk about her new audiobook Everything Is Possible. The interview was recorded and can be played below. Enjoy!

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Victoria Morgan: Hello and welcome to the conversation! I’m Victoria Morgan interviewing for Christian Audio and today we are speaking with an absolute powerhouse of an author, Jen Bricker. She’s an accomplished athlete and a gymnast, and you are not going to forget her story. It is absolutely incredible. She joins us today from Christian Audio studios while recording her new audiobook, Everything is Possible. Everything is Possible isn’t just an autobiography by the way … it’s a tool to help us dig out of the rut of impossibility and to truly believe that everything is possible with God. And that is really hard for some of us to do. So if you have any unfulfilled dreams, plans or goals, we invite you to bring those to the table and get ready for action. And Jen (she will tell you) loves action!

Jen Bricker was born without legs and abandoned on the day she was born. Adopted by a very special family in a tiny rural town, Jen abided by the one strict rule that her adoptive parents required her to follow. As a little girl, she became captivated by the talents of a Romanian gymnast … Olympic Gold medalist Dominique Moceanu. Against all physical odds, she followed her parents’ one strict rule and began to pursue her own dream of being a gymnast.

Jennifer’s biggest surprise would come later when Dominique Moceanu … turns out to be in fact, her biological sister! She recounts this in amazing detail in her audioboook. But that is only the beginning of her fantastic story, which has been featured on so many shows including HBO Real Sports, ABC 20/20, and Good Morning America … in over 100 countries worldwide.

Jen is a now a well-accomplished athlete, an author and a life-changing public speaker. And the hand of God is all over her story. She is the recipient of the U.S. Tumbling Association’s Inspiration Award, and continues to inspire people with her athletic skill worldwide. She’s been a featured performer on the road with Brittany Spears, headlining the Palazzo in Las Vegas, New York’s Lincoln Center and the Shangri La Hotel in Dubai.

Jen, we are so honored to have you here at Christian Audio, to share your story in audiobook form and speaking with us today. Thank you so much for being here.

Jen Bricker: Thank you so much for having me.

Victoria Morgan: Sure. Absolutely. Let’s start at the beginning. Your adoptive parents gave you one steadfast rule to live by and I mentioned that in the introduction. Would you mind sharing that rule with our listeners?

Jen Bricker: Yes. They definitely raised me with, “Can’t is a four-letter word”. Can’t is just not part of my vocabulary.

Victoria Morgan: So, they gave you a rule and then you’ve given us that rule, which you go into more detail about in Everything Is Possible. I love reading about that rule in your book. But now that we have this rule, let’s talk about the importance of a coach. In your book, you thank so many coaches, starting with your dad, who taught you as a little girl, with no legs how to tumble on that giant trampoline. How will your book and God’s word coach us through as we muster up the courage to pursue our passions? How do we get a coach?

Jen Bricker:  Yeah, I really wanted to highlight all the people in my life who have made such an impact on me. I mean, I could not be who I am today without all of those people shaping and molding me, loving on me, and coaching me, giving me advice, support, encouragement. And so, for me, I just hope to do the same thing with the book … to just not point a finger and tell people what to do or follow my rules and what I’ve done because everyone has their own unique path, but just to uplift and inspire and share my story so that then they can hopefully feel empowered and loved and encouraged like I have always been.

Victoria Morgan: Yes. And that’s why Everything Is Possible, like I said, it’s not just an autobiography. It’s something that we can use to help us dig out of the rut of impossibility. But in the tender teen years as you were growing up, when we’re all pretty much vulnerable to peer pressure, you were given a set of prosthetic legs and you opened up so candidly about this in your audiobook. Here was your chance to at least appear to have legs, and all the presumed freedoms that come with that, but they ended up getting in the way. And I wonder how many of have created our own prosthetics, so to speak, when God would rather use us just the way we are … the way He created us.

Jen Bricker:  Absolutely. That’s a very interesting and amazing way to put that. I never really was drawn to prosthetics. And, yeah, you’re right, they actually caused a lot of hindrance in my life, which is kind of ironic, right? They’re supposed to be used to help you and make your life easier. But for me, it’s exactly what you said. God made me exactly this way to do exactly what I needed to do without the prosthetics. And there are many things I want people to feel

or take away from the book, but really being able to love themselves, love them exactly the way God made them because it was on purpose, by design, not a mistake.

Victoria Morgan: That is just something that we can all learn and learn how to trust God. And I love in your audiobook, you talk about helping us find our own superpowers! And many of us are really not sure what these superpowers are, much less how to find them.

Jen Bricker: Yes. Yes. I love Marvel Comic movies. I can’t help it and so I relate very much with superpowers and superheroes and I’ve had so many superheroes in my life. And I know, with all the travel I’ve done and all the speaking I’ve done in the world that every single person has those superpowers. And by the way, these superpowers are things that people love. It’s not like it’s this some big, grand – maybe it is a big grand journey, maybe that is someone’s path, but not always. It doesn’t have to be. And everyone has that. And what’s exciting is, is everyone has that power within them to change someone’s life.

Victoria Morgan: And God helps us find those and we need to find them. So let’s find some courage. Help us find some courage. In Everything Is Possible you talk about letting God drive. I love this, that God will never steer you wrong. And I can’t help thinking about the time when you were a little girl (I read this in your book) your mule, Sam got spooked while you were writing and he just took off running. And you’re sliding down the saddle and this mule was just going full bolt and you’re holding on the side with one arm and you’re just hanging there. And I felt like, wow, there’s got to be a correlation in there somewhere between that “joyride” and letting God drive.

Jen Bricker: Wow! Yeah. [laughs] That was such an interesting, amazing story that is great to share. It’s perfect for the book. But at the time, it was like, “What is going on?” But, yes, absolutely. I mean, I think that’s definitely a metaphor for life when things go crazy and you’re holding on by the horn of a saddle and you don’t know what’s going on, and you really have to let God drive. And I think the only time we can actually have true peace from the inside is when we surrender everything and then He’s in control of everything and driving.

Victoria Morgan: And I notice that you like to do things that challenge you. So, in speaking about letting God drive and that thrill that you must have had from just, Sam, your mule just taking off and you didn’t know where you were going or when he was going to stop … you kind of pursue that sort of thing in your own life, always challenging yourself, always doing something that makes you feel a little scared. I guess, you really like that feeling of letting God have that control.

Jen Bricker: You know, I guess you could say I’m a glutton for punishment or I don’t know what my problem is. [laughter] Yeah, I guess I always like to be challenged and maybe there is a thrill-seeking moment to it. But I think it’s just that I know enough already from just my own life experience I’ve had, that the only time you can grow is when you actually are out of your comfort zone. And so, I think, for me, the scariest thing is to just sit still and never grow. So I do take on those challenges because I want to continually grow.

Victoria Morgan: And the Bible is just filled with those stories where God is taking people out of their comfort zone, using their weakness or using some kind of inability to show himself strong. So, with that said, let’s get into some Scripture. Because in Everything Is Possible you give us so much Scripture that you have proven to be true, just by the way you live your life. So, what’s a good verse to help us choose everyday to live a life in which we wholly, completely let God work out this unique plan for us?

Jen Bricker: For me, there’s so many verses, it’s almost impossible. But a common theme I think you’ll notice in the book obviously is love and it’s a common theme throughout my own life as well. And because I was given so much love, that really has enabled me to be who I am today and in turn, love others.

So, 1st Corinthians 13:4-8, kind of long but it’s such a basis for the most important commandment, which is love. And so, “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.” And so for me, that’s my family. That’s my childhood, and it does never fail.

Victoria Morgan: And I love the way that your brother used to take you to Garth Brooks concerts and he was just so proud of you, and you had such a good time, and you were surrounded with love. And you could see God’s handprint in this whole thing. I enjoyed reading your story very much. But in your audiobook, you do get somewhat personal at the end, in a chapter called The Me Nobody Knows about how you stay organized, how you maintain your sense of humor, how you stay strong physically, so much we can learn. And in hearing this interview and listening to Everything Is Possible, we’re all learning something profound. I’m learning something today. But it doesn’t stop with learning. According to you and your book, it can’t stop there.

Jen Bricker: Right. Absolutely. I mean, I don’t want it to stop there. I want it to continue, and for this book to just be the catalyst of starting anything new in your life or talking to somebody or taking a risk or just any kind of action, that is what I hope this book inspires, to just move forward.

Victoria Morgan: And it’s very apparent to me that you are still moving forward. You’re still learning. You’re still loving a challenge just by the way you live your life. And you’ve shared that with us in your book, in Everything Is Possible. So, what are a few of your favorite books or audiobooks that have inspired you on your journey?

Jen Bricker: I just finished God Hunger. It’s an amazing story about a woman who overcame anorexia and bulimia, and really it’s far more than that, but it’s really the root of her faith. She just really talks about her spiritual faith and her growth and marriage and her past, and all of these things. And then, Crazy Love by Francis Chan is the one I read several, several years ago and I just absolutely love that book. I think I even mentioned that in my book. But those are two pretty big books that I pass on to everybody so that they can read them as well.

Victoria Morgan: I agree with you about Francis Chan’s Crazy Love. It was like reading a book that said, “Go on … jump off this building”.

Jen Bricker: Yes. That’s what I love about it. [laughter]

Victoria Morgan: One last question. If there was ever a story that shows the handprint of God, it’s yours. Your story is truly amazing. But let’s end with this, what amazes you?

Jen Bricker: Oh, wow! I am so easily amazed. Actually, [laughs] I’m like the easiest, entertained person. Little tiny dogs make me just go through the roof and anything miniature and just all my travels as well, nature, just an amazing sunset or beautiful waterfall. I can’t even imagine what Heaven is going to be like if Earth is this beautiful. I’m just awestruck by my life, first of all, what’s happened in my life. And I love when people share their stories and their life with me too, and I’m just as awestruck by everyone has a story. And so, I love when people share their stories. And I think I’ll forever be awestruck in my own life and forever awestruck in the things that God has given me, the family, the travels, and all the unbelievable adventures that I’ve gotten to experience. I never want to lose that awe.

Victoria Morgan: Absolutely. And it’s open to everybody. It’s like I said in your introduction, Everything Is Possible is not just a powerful autobiography, and it would be a shame if we just let it go with that. Your audiobook is a toolkit that we can all use to discover that fascination, that wonder to open up the possibilities in our lives and to eliminate the word “can’t” from our own lives. We are so excited to share this message with our eager listeners and thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us today.

Jen Bricker: Oh, thank you guys so much. It’s my honor.

Victoria Morgan: You can find out more about Jen Bricker’s new audiobook, Everything Is Possible, at christianaudio.com. You can also visit her website, jenbricker.com. If you’d like Christian Audio to send you a free audiobook each month, we invite you to join our mailing list. I’m Victoria Morgan. Thanks for listening!

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